About the TLEX Program

TLEX programs enhance the skills that truly advance people and organizations, resulting in employees with greater energy and clarity of mind, a sense of connectedness to each other and the organization’s mission, and a passionate commitment to personal excellence. What makes an effective organizational leader are soft skills: the ability to connect with and inspire coworkers and teams, to communicate with clarity and confidence, and to remain positive and transform challenges into opportunities. Yet most of our training focuses on technical skills. An organization’s success relies on leadership and employees who have the energy, clarity, and inspiration to work together to exceed expectations.




Personal Energy and Health

A 24×7 work schedule demands a 24×7 supply of energy to deliver quality results. Creating and sustaining a high level of personal energy is the first step to performing at one’s maximum capacity. To have the highest impact, we need to bring our highest mental and emotional power and a positive attitude to every task and every personal encounter. We also need the skill to replenish our energy level as necessary, and to understand and neutralize situations that cause the depletion of energy. Team Connectedness Non-acceptance of diverse perspectives, lack of trust and an inability to listen effectively leads to disharmony within team members. As project timelines and workloads mount, stress increases this disharmony, resulting in poorer team cohesion, communication, and overall performance. Emotional intelligence is the the key to successful interpersonal relationships and teams. A dynamic, high-performing team authentically connects to each other with an attitude of inclusiveness and open communication.


Inspired Leadership

The capacity of a leader lies not in their technical skills, but in the power of their mind: their ability to read situations and people, make decisions, solve problems, and innovate in the context of dynamic and complex situations and relationships. When a leader can understand their own own beliefs and attitudes, concepts, and emotional states, they can step outside themselves to better understand their teams’ and clients’ perspectives. This flexibility of mind is the key for any leader to simultaneously focus on both the larger vision and the details, never losing sight of overarching goals while attending to the day to day activities and interactions that help achieve the goals.





report increased ability to listen to and accept multiple perspectives



felt TLEX helped growth of organization



felt TLEX improved work performance



report improved team connectedness