Novice or "Nurturing Of Values In Children Everyday" is a project specially designed for schools. The Novice project is a complete package, which includes interactive and practical workshops for each of the stakeholders of education: the students, parents and teachers.



Workshop for Teachers 


1.     Stress Free Teaching : 

One hour workshop for Teachers to get an insight of the way a student thinks and how to handle the same with positive view point.


2.     LIVE Workshop :

A practical, effective and transformational 21-hour workshop for schoolteachers. LIVE training provides tools to assist teachers to be stress-free, increase creativity and be more open to learning, have better relationships at home and school, gain deeper insight into the minds of children, instill values into them, and build character. Through LIVE workshops, teachers are able to implement the necessary changes in a child's perspective to build ethical and visionary citizens of the future.


Workshop For Parents


1.     Stress Free Parenting :

One hour workshop for parents to get an insight of the way a student thinks and how to handle the same with positive view point.


2.     Know Your Child (KYC) :

Workshop for parents with children up to age 12 (class VII). KYC is an interactive 3-hour for parents which does a root cause analysis into the behavior of children and provides effective solutions to help children to:

    1. Enhance creativity
    2. Improve focus and concentration in academics
    3. Be independent and responsible
    4. Release inhibitions, and increase confidence and communication skills
    5. Respond to stress in an emotionally positive way


3.     Know Your Teen (KYT) :

Workshop for parents having children in the age group of 13years to 19years (class VIII - class XII) . An interactive 3 hour workshop for parents which helps to :

    1. Handle the child's transition through teenage years
    2. Understand their need to be trendy and be accepted among peers
    3. Help the teen become/remain emotionally healthy and stable
    4. Be a friend who can choose the teen in guiding its career


Workshop for Students


1. All Round Training in Excellence (ART Excel):

age 8 - 13 (class III - VII) Art Excel is a highly effective human-values training program for children. Through fun and laughter, students learn valuable lessons on how to share with others, work and play in harmony, and develop a sense of belonging. They become more self-expressive, comfortable and natural, even within diverse groups. Children learn simple but effective yoga and breathing processes that help eliminate fear, anxiety, and depression. Benefits: Enhanced creative skills, improved memory and concentration, development of leadership qualities and healthy emotion, clarity of mind, better focus, as well as improved interaction with peers. ART Excel gives direction to the enthusiasm and dynamism in children.


2. Youth Empowerment Seminar (YES!):

ages 13 to 19 (Class IX - XII) YES! Provides teens with a comprehensive toolbox to manage their emotions and stress, as well as dynamically navigate through adolescence. It provides young adults with practical knowledge, and effective tools to reduce stress, manage negative emotions like anger, violence and depression, and helps develop social skills.


YES Courses conducted in:

  • American School of Dubai
  • The Millennium School, Dubai


Stress Free teaching conducted in:

  • Our Own English High School Sharjah- Boys' Branch
  • Oxford English School, Dubai
  • Gulf Model School, Dubai
  • Blue Bells Nursery, Sharjah
  • Al Khaleej National School, Dubai
  • Millenium School ,Dubai