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Uttarakhand Relief Fund appeal

IAHV UAE lends a helping hand. People in the Gulf have contributed whole-heartedly towards the Uttarakhand Relief Fund set up by the IAHV UAE . A bank account set up specifically to receive donations had well-wishers from across the region contributing generously to assist those in the distress zones.

As a token of appreciation, along with the receipt, every donor received a personal thank-you message that acknowledged their generous gesture. Given the scale of the tragedy, it was indeed surprising to note that there were no avenues open to those who lived here to donate towards the cause. For them, the low-key facebook appeal made by IAHV in UAE was the perfect avenue through which to respond to the tragedy. As of now, rehabilitation work continues in the afflicted areas on a war footing.Trauma relief camps continue, and schools and homes are being rebuilt to assist those displaced by this gruesome tragedy in order that life return to som state of normalcy.

For more detailed updates on the current status of all projects log on to: https://www.facebook.com/UttarakhandReliefIAHV