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General Corpus Funds to take care of sustainance, operation and emergencies.

IAHV Refugee Relief Fund

IAHV Refugee Relief Fund will be utilised to fund education, rehabilitation, health, neccessities etc of Refugees.

IAHV Trauma Relief Fund

Disaster and Trauma Relief mobilizes global volunteers to provide immediate aid and care, trauma relief, and long-term community development post disaster.

IAHV Prisoner Rehabilitation Fund

Stress Management and Rehabilitation Training - teaches prisoners how to manage their stress, aggression, and trauma, building a foundation for a new life.

IAHV Education Fund

Nurturing of values in children everyday. A comprehensive project for schools to address the challenges of the stakeholders in a child’s education.

IAHV Environmental Fund

IAHV has responded to the challenge of improving the environment through numerous direct-action initiatives : My Bag My Earth, Mission Green Earth, Adopt a Plant to name a few projects.

IAHV Community Development Fund

IAHV has many structured programs and projects : Alertness Program, Smile with ME, Computer Recycling to name a few projects.